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Cloud Transformation Services


Freemind helps you to define the architectural strategy for your business which will enhance your business value resulting in improved ROI. 


Your applications need to be adaptable to the latest Application Architecture trends such as Hybrid Architectures (On-premise/Cloud), Microservices, Serverless, Mesh Architecture, API platforms, and Event driven architectures. 


We bring in the expertise to work along with you and bring in optimization techniques that sync into your business models, your data workflows, your information architecture, your data sets, data lake architecture and more.


We bring in the expertise to handle large data sets in TB, PB and larger sizes and also help you create Well Architected Frameworks for Clouds

Application Modernization

With the emergence of many new technologies and solutions there is an imminent need to be agile in modernizing applications. Modern applications are loosely coupled, modular and highly scalable. Tools can be easily replaced across layers and integration with other services is seamless.


Our modernization services include:

Shapes and Shades

Transformation to Serverless Application, where focus can be shifted to business than worrying about the infrastructure availability, security, continuous monitoring, patch management and scalability. 

Digital Rings

Transformation of Application Deployment, where we help to containerize, manage and scale your development to production environments. Complete automation of devops can be achieved with a highly scalable and secure system.


We help automate your DevOps CI/CD cycles and also help in transition to DevSecOps. We bring the expertise to build SRE practice by helping your organization to adapt to Infrastructure as a Code (IaaC) across multi-cloud environments.


We help to manage and automate your DC-DR deployments, automate your deployment security analysis and alert mechanism and also help to deploy AI tools that help in threat detection and protection.

Operational Excellence

We understand Operational Excellence is the key area where the business worth is demonstrated. Any delays in operations have a huge impact. We help you to embrace and implement AI based Operational models that not only helps you resolve monitoring issues but also ensure actions are proactive. 


Predictive maintenance in the manufacturing and many other industries has been a game changer saving lots of money. Similar technology usage will help your applications become more resilient, resource and cost efficient

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