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Role of Content Marketing For a Business

Updated: Jul 17, 2020

In a highly digitized world, the more it is said about the role of content marketing, the better it is. Perhaps, no one had envisaged a scenario like the current one, wherein everyone is working from home because of the COVID-19 pandemic. This just made the case of content marketing stronger, as unless businesses reach out to their customers, there is no revenue. It appears that online is where all the customers are currently. While traditional marketing does continue the power of digital marketing is what is ruling the roost, and content is at the core of this.

When all the marketers are competing out there on the digital space, to get attention, it is only content that differentiates your brand. Rather, content marketing is branding personified, and customers start relating your brand with it. The digital identity is all about how innovative, catchy, relevant and timely your digital campaigns are and it is the content that kills it out there.

Building relationships

Social media plays a huge part in the content marketing campaigns and it works by engaging customers and thus building relationships. It is important for brands to continually engage with their leads and customers alike. What makes the brands noticeable is appealing and differing content. Content could be in the form of blogs, videos, contests, quizzes, and more. The more interesting it is, the more noticeable it becomes, and gets a higher traction. The amount of likes, shares, etc. keeps building up the brand and helps bring in customers and also retain them for a longer time.

The relationship builds up more when the content can be personalized to suit each customer’s needs. Analytics play an important role in helping brands to understand what the customer wants, and when, etc. The more value that brands provide through content to the customers, the better the chances of conversion and retention are. Using influencers in social media to boost your reach is also a good idea to nurture relationships.

Helps in SEO efforts

Creating quality content that can keep people engaged on a long term basis is easier said than done. Businesses need dedicated personnel who can track and keep churning it out as required. Originality is important and hence it is important to understand what brings the in the footfall. Most businesses aim at SEO for improving their visibility and then hope for the conversions.

Optimized content is the one thing that can help with the SEO efforts to a great extent. Original content is said to be one of the most effective SEO techniques and this is why there should be concerted efforts towards it. The better and more engaging content that you have, the more your business pages land up in the search engine results. The more visibility that you get, the more chances that your business has of conversions. However, the bottom line is good, original content that can get people to keep coming back, rather than a one-off thing wherein they click on a result link and forget about it. This is where the trick of content marketing lies. This method is highly cost-effective in the long run, rather hiring paid campaigns to boost your SEO.

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