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Digital Transformation

Freemind Solutions provides business value to the customers by offering end to end digital transformation & modernization services. Delivering digital framework to enable customers & partners to achieve experience-centric, outcome-based, service-oriented architecture and ecosystem driven business model. 


Digital Consulting: Digital Opportunity Evaluation framework to identify the potential and Feasibility analysis

•    Defining evaluation parameters & process grading approach
•    Digital Needs Assessment
•    Business Case Development
•    Defining Strategy, Roadmap, Business, & Technology outcomes


Human-centred Design: Designing better experiences for our customers through design principles such as 

•    Design for efficiency
•    Design for simplicity
•    Design for frictionless experiences
•    Design with technical limitations


Digital Experience: Delivering exceptional and engaging experience across various channels leveraging best in class technology 

•    Digitizing Channels to improve customer experience & improve conversion
•    Digital Sales & Marketing
•    Digital Operations to reduce the cost to serve
•    Omnichannel digital services


Digital Platform Services: Decoupling of Backend systems from the Front end with an orchestrated layer of APIs and Microservices

          •    Omni-channel integration using reusable, microservices
          •    System integration to core back end systems through orchestration
          •    Developing platform for the stakeholders to collaborate, consume and co-create value
          •    Customer insights & analytics driven by data and business intelligence

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Cloud Services
Cloud Transformation Services

Freemind helps you to define the architectural strategy for your business which will enhance your business value resulting in improved ROI. 

Your applications need to be adaptable to the latest Application Architecture trends such as Hybrid Architectures (On-premise/Cloud), Microservices, Serverless, Mesh Architecture, API platforms, and Event driven architectures. 

We bring in the expertise to work along with you and bring in optimization techniques that sync into your business models, your data workflows, your information architecture, your data sets, data lake architecture and more.

We bring in the expertise to handle large data sets in TB, PB and larger sizes and also help you create Well Architected Frameworks for Clouds

IT Staffing
IT staffing services


Staffing services, scaled to match your needs

We know that staffing requirements can vary and change, sometimes rapidly, with industry fluctuations. 

Freemind Solutions affords you the flexibility to hire as per your current requirements, be they temporary staff, contract or contract-to-hire, or to fill permanent slots. 

Both your long- and short-term staffing requirements will be addressed with equal agility. We endeavor to provide you the best possible fits for your organization.

Offshore Software Dev
Offshore Software Development


Software development solutions for global players

Our offshore software development partner can deliver and implement advanced technology, so you always stay ahead of the competition. 

At Freemind Solutions, we offer flexible, customized, personalized, and cost-effective outsourcing solutions. 

Our partners around the globe ensure that work runs around the clock, even when people don’t, thus ensuring project delivery in record time.

Quality Assurance
Quality Assurance Services


The only way forward, is to test


When it comes to quality for our clients, we are uncompromising in our approach. Our bespoke solutions are designed and quality tested to serve not only your current but also your future needs. 


Our expertise extends to both manual and automated software testing scenarios. We cover every base.

Content & Marketing
Content & Marketing


Helping content work for you


Freemind Solutions has in-depth expertise in developing and delivering Web Content Management Solutions. 


Be it a highly interactive custom-built CMS for a brand website; a simple and user-friendly CMS for self-managed portal; or an enterprise-wide content management system, our content management offerings cover services and solutions for each requirement.

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